Locked out? Broken Lock? Lost or broken keys?

Locked out? Did you leave home in a hurry and forget the keys on the table? Are the keys still on the inside of the door? Don’t worry; it can happen to anyone. We can open your door quickly! Usually within 30 minutes!

Slotenmaker Den Haag (SDH) (Locksmith The Hague), fast service for locks & keys in Den Haag, fair prices, local, small business. With you faster than our competitors! You don’t need to be locked out for long …

How long will it take for a technician to reach me and open the door?

Locked out? Slotenmaker Den Haag|Locksmith The Hague|Call: 0652333817We only work with local locksmiths. Our employees are experts who live near you and who know the city like the back of their hand. With their superfast scooters they can reach you within 30 minutes, usually faster. We are faster than any other locksmiths in The Hague. You can trust us to do our very best to help you quickly. Our call-center assistant will inform you exactly how long it will take for a technician to reach you. You will not be forced to wait unnecessarily!  We won’t leave you out in the rain or cold …

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Unlike our competitors, who use the search term “Slotenmaker Den Haag” or “Locksmith The Hague” we are the only company legitimately registered under that name with the Chamber of Commerce. Go ahead and check! Not only are we registered as Slotenmaker Den Haag — we also live and work exclusively in Den Haag. That is why we really know our way around and are never stuck in rush hour traffic or prevented from reaching you by roadworks. We always reach our customers on time …

With you in 30 minutes or less …

Locked out? We offer the fastest service in The Hague. Our technicians use scooters and only carry the minimum necessary equipment and materials. Because they are experts, they can usually repair or replace broken locks, keys and cylinders on the spot. In case they cannot, they can reach our conveniently located workshop in the center of The Hague (accessible 24 hours a day) and get the necessary equipment or materials back to you very quickly. We guarantee excellent service at a low price!

Most locksmith company’s advertising on Google are from outside The Hague. In fact, the top four “AdWords” results are not locksmiths at all, they are middlemen who sell your custom to a technician. They don’t care about you as long as they get their cut! But even local businesses can’t beat our prices. And they can’t get to you faster than we can because they use cars! Many areas of The Hague are almost inaccessible to cars due to traffic jams and roadworks. In addition, businesses that use cars inevitably have a parking problem. Our technicians don’t face that problem: Let us prove it to you!

How much should a door opening or replacement cylinder cost?

Dooropening€ 85.- / € 105.-
New Cylinder€ 45.- / € 125.- (afhankelijk maat & SKG waarde)
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Locksmith The Hague:On our scooters, we can get to you faster than any other locksmiths in Den Haag