This website collects an absolute minimum of data to enhance user experience. As a company promoting security we feel it is inappropriate to cache or make use of data without user’s consent and we have taken precautions to prevent or minimize such activity.

Because we use third-party plug-ins such as WPML (which helps us to translate the website into different languages and display them correctly based on your browser preferences) we cannot completely avoid storing a minimum of data.

We also collect data using the counterize plug-in, which saves time stamps, visited URL, referring URL, IP addresses, operating systems and browser information into a database, and can display the total hits, unique hits and other statistics relevant to activity on our pages. This information provides insight into the functionality of the website and user’s preferences.

We do not store (long-term) or use IP addresses, neither do we provide information on user’s activity to third-parties (although we could be obliged to do so within the terms of the law).

The pop-up window appearing in the bottom right hand corner of each page of this website allows users to opt-out of cookies, however blocking cookies may affect the functionality of the website.

Adoption of a cookie policy is in response to ever increasing demands by Google and other search engines to ensure user privacy and safety.

Please feel free to contact us should you at any time discover anything objectionable or suspicious about this website.

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