Slotenmaker Den Haag (SDH): Meet the Team!

Aad Slotenmaker Den Haag tel:0652333817Technical Expertise

Aad is our all-round go to person for technical problems and he is also the person with the most experience with the intricacies of locksmithing because he has over thirty years of experience running his own company. Aad is chiefly responsible for the workshop and dealing with technical problems, design and construction. He is also the former manager of SRS Special Repair Service, a company with a reputation for excellence and quality services. SRS provided locksmith services, technical assistance and 24 hour repair and replacement services all around The Hague. Aside from developing a wide range of security products Aad has also continually offered material and technical support to artists and designers. His workshop has turned out innumerable high quality designs and products and has become a fixture in the social life of Den Haag. The workshop is a hub for artists, designers, builders and incidental visitors seeking technical advice or assistance. In the workshop, safes are opened and repaired, antique locks and keys serviced for the many monumental buildings around the city. The workshop is open 24 hours a day and as it is conveniently situated in the city center it is always busy.

Daniel Slotenmaker Den Haag Tel:0652333817Management, Website & Public Relations

Daniel is the present manager of Slotenmaker Den Haag (SDH) and is responsible for administration and publicity. Since its founding in 2001 Daniel has managed the website, Google Ad-Words campaigns and SEO to ensure good exposure. To ensure success requires more than technical insight. Daniel is also the person responsible for smooth collaboration between employees and making sure that problems, including complaints are properly resolved. In his words “… we are not only in this for the money! Slotenmaker Den Haag offers a unique service with a special formula that ensures both fast and high quality service and customer satisfaction as well as profitability and good working conditions for all employees. If our employees are not happy, the customers will know and the quality of our service will decline. Therefore, the first objective for any company serving the community is to ensure that employees are happy: then they will make an extra effort to satisfy customers. In this company, we are all learning and continually looking for ways to improve our service, make things more efficient, easier, and simpler. We are not interested in growth but in improvement of the quality of our life! As a small local company, Locksmith The Hague is more flexible, faster and easier to deal with than some of the larger companies where there is a lot of pressure to make as much money as possible. Being small and flexible provides a competitive edge that allows us to prosper without all the stress!”

Slotenmaker Den Haag MedewerkersCall-out & 24 hour Service

Chakib, is the latest addition to our team. This qualified and certified technician is ready to get up in the middle of the night to help customers. We have also been friends for almost 20 years. Working together as colleagues is a new experience and it feels good to work with people we know and trust. Since our employees also have a financial interest in the success of our company we allow them a great deal of freedom to develop services, implement improvements and participate in decision-making. This has already led to many significant improvements in the quality of our service. One quality that all locksmiths share is that they never say no! When facing a difficult situation or dealing with a complicated technical problem, we dig in and continue to make an effort until the problem is solved. What motivates us is not money but curiosity and a determination to understand things. We don’t give up when the going gets tough!

Slotenmaker Den Haag | Locksmith The Hague: a winning combination of talent, integrity and determination!


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