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What does a locksmith cost in Den Haag? Prices for opening doors, repairs, replacement of locks and cylinders can vary quite a lot between different locksmiths. On this page we explain how we determine our prices and what we charge for the most common types of work.

What does a locksmith cost? Time & Distance

Prices vary according to distance in The HaguePrices may vary depending on the distance a technician has to travel to get to you and the time it takes to reach you. Some locksmiths charge extra for visiting you after hours, at night, on weekends, and even in bad weather! In addition, locksmiths, like many other emergency services, have to contend with rush hour traffic, roadworks and parking problems. All of these can make it very difficult to reach you within the promised time of 30 minutes. Most locksmiths in The Hague are simply not able to do this! We are, and we will! But there is a price to pay for really fast service.

To reach our clients at the appointed time we prefer to work with local technicians. Local technicians can reach our customers quickly and easily. Customers who live beyond areas that we can reach within 30 minutes are referred to reliable services in their own neighbourhood. This is why we offer a 15% discount to customers in neighbourhoods within the 30 minute zone.

Quality of Materials

The price of materials such as locks, cylinders, keys etc. can vary quite significantly. Many locksmiths work with poor quality materials although they will not inform you that this is the case. Even certified materials may be very poor quality, easy to drill, break or damage. Cylinders have many different properties and price is not a good measure of quality! 24/7 services are highly competitive and will say and do almost anything to get customers. Unfortunately there is simply no way to tell whether a locksmith is reliable or not. Neither is there an easy way to establish whether materials like locks, cylinders and so on are really good quality, or whether they just look good and cost a lot of money.

A standard, all-purpose SKG** Europrofile cylinder (30/30) should not cost more than € 35,- (DOM, Oxloc) but a certified, copy protected Europrofile cylinder from Assa-Abloy may cost as much as € 285,- With such a bewildering variety of products and qualities on the market it is hardly surprising that customers get overcharged.

Ask for an estimate!

Our technicians will provide you with an honest estimate as far as possible before they visit you. You can help make a good estimate by providing us with information concerning your present situation. What type of locks do you have? Do you know what brand of cylinder you have? What would you really like or need?

We also need information about the general situation and conditions on location. Have you had a break-in or burglary? Has the door or lock been damaged? What floor are you on? Are you in a residential block or a traditions house (herenhuis)?

If you can provide us with photographs this will make it much easier for us to assess the situation and determine what you need. You can send us you photographs using our contact form.

The better the information you provide, the more we are able to give you a reliable estimate:

Dooropening € 85.- / € 105.-
New cylinder € 45.- / € 125.- (depends on size and quality)
YALE lock € 125.- / € 145.- (more in case of improvements)
LIPS lock € 245.- / € 295.- (more if you want higher security standard)
Penslot replacement € 45.- p. stuk
Penslot new € 85.-
Call-out fee* € 65.- (see our Terms)
Repair on site € 65.- / € 85.-
Core pulling protection SKG € 65.- / € 95.- (special models are more expensive)
De Sluitkom™ € 225.- € 245 (depends on situation)
Opening bicycle lock € 45.- (City Center)
Important! These prices are based on averages. They do not confer any rights! Prices may vary depending on actual situation. We will always do our utmost to stay within agreed prices. We may charge more at times when it is extremely busy (because we have to hire extra hands.) We may also charge extra in very urgent cases when a technician has to alter his schedule or reschedule appointments with other customers. Our technicians will inform you if this is the case and give you an estimate before settling any agreement. Please always ask for an estimate to avoid unnecessary disappointment or confusion. All prices include VAT (21%), labour & 5 year warranty. Verbal agreements concerning prices and fees are legally binding under Dutch Law. See Terms & Conditions.
Up to 15% discount in some areas of The Hague …
Archipelbuurt Regentessekwartier
Bomenbuurt Valkenboskwartier
Bloemenbuurt Vruchtenbuurt
Centrum Willemspark
Duinoord Zeeheldenkwartier
Houtwijk Zorgvliet
Important: we offer discounts to cut distances and reduce CO2 emissions. This also helps us to cut costs so that we can continue to maintain competitive prices. Our environmental policy is available here.

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